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In 2015, Pat was elected as President of the Section on Women’s Health where she serves as the official leader and public spokesperson for the Section.  Prior to being President, Pat served as Vice President and Director of Practice for the Section.   As a member of the Section of Women’s Health, she is also a member of the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Women’s Health (IOPTWH).

The GWHI has partnered with the APTA – Section on Women’s Health to facilitate communication about the work of the foundation to 2,700 members.  This very busy physical therapist, Pat Wolfe, sat down with us to talk about her passion for Global Physical Therapy, her leadership in women’s health PT and the Global Women’s Health Initiative.

Pat, from your perspective, can you share why you are excited about the partnership with the APTA Section on Women’s Health?

I am very excited about the ability of our two organizations to increase communication about the global needs of physical therapy and women’s health.    The utilization of physical therapists with a specialization in women’s health to improve global issues is badly needed in areas where resources are few.  There are so many that are not even close to sharing the privileges many of us have for health care.  By partnering with the Section on Women’s Health, over 2,700 members now have the opportunity to assist this non-profit organization by way of volunteerism, knowledge sharing, and donations.  The Section also has a very vibrant and enthusiastic student group, and this partnership gives the student members opportunities to make a big difference on the global stage.  This partnership is relevant, direct, and efficient.

You mentioned the very active student members, what can you say to the students to increase their involvement?

Our student members are very aware of global issues – this partnership can give them an opportunity to become part of something bigger than themselves at their entrance into the profession.   They can also learn to recognize the fact that they have a quality education and the ability to deliver services for those disenfranchised or without resources on the local and global levels.  And to recognize that they can make a lifelong difference in #GlobalPT.

Pat, you were one of the first members to open your checkbook.  What moved you to make a donation?

How could I not?  In short answer, it is my belief in social justice and human life!  I feel we all have an obligation to humanity to help improve access to resources for others.

In what capacity do you see yourself serving in the GWHI?

First of all, I believe in becoming a lifelong donator to this foundation as the work will not be a short-term process.  Beyond this, I also see myself as a “voice” to garner and encourage more “voices” to help those that do not have the resources.  I plan to keep communication and dialogue present to disseminate information, especially on the utilization of the funding for current and future projects.  Mostly, my serving in any of these capacities keeps me connected to something bigger than myself!

Pat left a wonderful closing remark:  To borrow a quote from the GWHI website – “A healthy woman leads to a sustainable community”

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