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Origin is a leading provider of pelvic floor and whole-body physical therapy with a specialized focus on pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and sexual health.

Origin offers virtual and in-person PT sessions, covered by insurance and supported by proprietary exercise programs, educational content, and community.

Origin is building a category-defining brand that establishes a higher standard of care for every woman and individual with vaginal anatomy.

In addition to in-person locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin, Origin provides virtual care throughout the country. Expansion continues with new clinics in Texas set to open this year. 

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We believe that by strategically partnering with local leaders and organizations in low-resource countries, we can increase local capacity to address childbirth injuries and promote safe motherhood. WFF and our partners embrace a four-pillar holistic model to fulfill our mission.

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We partner with the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy to help provide the latest evidence-based physical therapy services to everyone from childbearing women to peri-menopausal mothers, young athletes to men with incontinence or other pelvic health complications. We hope to advance global excellence in abdominal and pelvic health through evidence-based practice, innovative education, research, and social responsibility.

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