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Belay, an Ethiopian Physical Therapist, sought a personal change for himself by returning to school and obtaining a master’s in Physical therapy. This change, open his eyes to the need to teach others.

Belay was first exposed to physical therapy care for women who are pregnant during his Master’s in PT program at Mekelle University. He now wants himself and his other classmates to become the trainers for other PTs within his country.

The “Train the trainer” program was developed due to his desire to improve the health of pregnant women in the Tigrian region of Ethiopia. He is hoping to host continuing education courses for other PTs, nurses, midwives, and MDs so that they can learn what PT can do for women during pregnancy and postpartum. Donate to this project and see the ripple effect physical therapy training can cause.

Belay Project gofundme Page

Unfortunately, due to limited awareness and training of Ethiopian doctors and physical therapists, Ethiopian women are not likely to have access to physical therapy treatment for their pregnancy-related conditions, and thus continue to suffer unnecessarily.

With your support, the Global Women’s Health Initiative can plug that resource gap. Through the Belay Project, GWHI will both train local physical therapists to address Ethiopian women’s pregnancy-related conditions and inform local physicians and midwives about the benefits of physical therapy.

Your donation will directly fund the creation of training manuals and the facilitation of PT training and mentorship programs. As a result, Ethiopian women will have access to physical therapy for common pregnancy-related conditions. Through physical therapy, women will have greater control of their bodies, empowering them during and post-pregnancy to be more productive in their community – Your donation can be the push that sends these ripples outward. Thank you for your support!

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