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We are pleased to introduce Taylor Chapman who has completed a successful fundraising event for the GWHI in Chicago, IL. Her singular efforts have resulted in an event that raised $1,000 for the foundation. Taylor is an amazing example of how one person can change the world!

Taylor Chapman is a 3rd year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Duke University and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She is a member of the Women’s Health Section, the SoWH SIG, the Research Section, and the Health Policy and Administration Section as well as a PT-PAC supporter. Taylor will present her research on “Comprehensive Primary Care Models for the Management of Multiple Chronic Conditions in Community-Dwelling Older Adults” at the 2017 Combined Sections Meeting, and gave a Poster presentation at the 2016 ACSM Annual Meeting on “Examining differences in movement competency in professional baseball players born in the United States and Dominican Republic.” She recently traveled to Guatemala with the Hearts in Motion organization to administer skilled physical therapy services via pop-up clinics in a variety of cities.

Taylor, how did you get interested in Women’s Health Physical Therapy?

As a Duke University DPT student in the class of 2017, I had a variety of opportunities to be exposed to the specialty through wonderful faculty and surrounding Women’s Health Clinics. I fell in love with the specialization because of the intimate environment and the inspiring passion Women’s Health clinicians embody. My clinical instructor at ATI Physical Therapy, Amanda Bachman, was very supportive of my passion and assisted me in securing a 12-week rotation that positively impacted my future in WHPT. I am now in the application process for a residency program in this specialty.

Why did you get involved with the Global Women’s Health Initiative? 

The GWHI is the perfect model to describe how I would like to transcend my professional career by first creating a sustainable foundation to then evolve and create positive change. The start-up’s plan is to build from the ground up by initially engaging medical professionals interested in the care of women in under-served communities, locally and globally, along with promoting a social media message campaign that improves awareness of the current medical status in various countries pertaining to the care of women, will allow for a solid foundation to be built. As they evolve these efforts into awareness and support, funding as well as personal and professional efforts will naturally keep the mission moving forward. I have also had the pleasure of working with another wonderful and sustainable organization, Hearts in Motion, assisting locals via pop-up PT clinics in Guatemala. I was first introduced to sustainable projects by Dr. Landry at Duke University.

The GWHI embodies two of my passions:

 1) My ultimate ambition of educating medical professionals on the benefits of pelvic health physical therapy and to improve the public’s uneasiness and general unawareness of the specialty. 

2) The ability to work with an organization whose mission is to transcend public awareness into worldwide support and effort, utilizing service and education, to create systemic change.

Tell us how you created such a successful fundraising event over a short period.

I have always been involved in fundraising and event planning. I have volunteered my services to organize charity events for the Make a Wish Foundation, plan social networking events with the various medical programs at Duke University, and act as the Event Chair for my Greek Student Organization at Indiana University. I served on the Events and Dancer Relations committees for Indiana University Dance Marathon and I am currently the Events Coordinator for the Duke DPT Class of 2017.

I worked with my Chicago connections, IU alumni/friends/family/colleagues, to raise awareness of WH on a local and global level. I utilized a survey engine distributed via social media to inquire about the general public’s knowledge of WH PT and found that over 50% were unaware of these services. I wanted to create an event to promote a global perspective with an emphasis on education to improve awareness. I contacted the event planner at State Restaurant, an Indiana University Alumni bar, to honest the event. I spread the word through social media, friends, connections through my helpful sister at Groupon, local companies and colleagues, and the physical distribution of flyers. I was able to provide information to local universities and student organizations to help increase event attendance. Finally, I created a mechanism to allow for donations on and offsite of the event. 

During the fundraiser, I offered pelvic health knowledge as a driver and conversation starter. Educational materials from the APTA Section on Women’s Health on pelvic floor trauma, fistula, and prolapse promoted awareness of the physical therapy needs in the US and abroad. My goal was to give a global perspective and the event procured donations through awareness and in the form of raffles and food/drink donations. I am so grateful to have successfully raised and donated $1,000.00 to this worthy organization.

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